Census help sessions in Rugby

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CENSUS sessions to help Rugby residents fill in their forms will be held in and around town this week.

The first session will take place on Wednesday in the Clocktowers Shopping Centre from 10am to 4pm.

There will be another one at the Citizens Advice Bureaux (1st Floor, Chestnut House, North Street) on Thursday from 10am to 4pm, followed by one at the New Bilton Community Association in Gladstone Street from 2pm onwards.

At each session the Rugby Census team will there to help anyone filling in their 2011 form.

The Rugby Census team has provided people living in the town with the following information:

It’s time to take part in the Census.

The census collects information about the population every ten years. The next census in England and Wales is in March 2011.

A census counts everybody and describes society

The population’s characteristics are always changing. A census collects and shares facts about society’s make-up.

Your community and family benefit

You need to take part so that the services and facilities your community / family need can be identified. These services include schools, hospitals and emergency services.

Your census answers are confidential

Personal census information is never shared with any other government department, nationally, regionally, or locally. The information collected is kept confidential by ONS and protected by law.

Complete the census online (www.census.gov.uk)

Completing the census online is straightforward, convenient and secure.

Returning your census questionnaire is required by law

Completing the census is a legal requirement: the few people who don’t complete their census questionnaire may be prosecuted for breaking the law, could face a criminal record and may be fined up to £1,000.

The next census is on Sunday 27 March

The answers you give on your census questionnaire should be about Sunday 27 March, so that ONS can take an accurate picture of the population on the same day.

It’s straightforward

Completing the census is straightforward. Most questions can be answered by simply clicking, or ticking, in a box.

Help and support is available

The census is straightforward. Help and support is available from online help at www.census.gov.uk.