Challenge in China for Rugby mum inspired by daughter

Jenni Smith with Ruby
Jenni Smith with Ruby

Early morning runs, aching limbs and blisters won’t stop a mum who’s trekking 80km along the Great Wall of China inspired by her daughter.

Jenni Smith is taking on the challenge in aid of Epilepsy Action.

We understand, all too well, the impact epilepsy has on daily life

Jenni Smith

In 2007, Jenni’s daughter Ruby suffered a brain haemorrhage at six months of age, which has resulted in epilepsy, cerebral palsy and autistic spectrum disorder.

And now, the 37-year-old from Kilsby is determined to overcome adversity to help others. Jenni said: “This is without doubt the toughest, yet most exhilarating physical challenge of my life.

“I am completely thrilled and excited. Knowing the money I raise will be used to improve the lives of children and adults in the UK who have to deal with epilepsy in a daily basis is the best part of all.”

Ruby’s epilepsy is uncontrolled and she experiences seizures once or twice a week. This has a massive impact on her and their family life.

Jenni hopes to raise £5,000 for the charity. She said: “I’m taking part in this event for Epilepsy Action because I really believe in their cause as we understand, all too well, the impact epilepsy has on daily life.”

Epilepsy Action helps improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy by ensuring that all people with epilepsy have specialist healthcare and treatment for their condition and can lead their lives free of stigma, prejudice and discrimination. To support Jenni’s challenge, visit