Chance for Rugby parents to learn first aid

Susan Dargie.
Susan Dargie.

Parents in the Rugby area are being offered a chance to learn first aid that could help save their child’s life.

NHS worker Susan Dargie lives in North Kilworth and has launched a series of two- hour baby and toddler first 
aid classes for parents and carers.

The mum of four said she was inspired to set up her business venture after experiencing a terrifying choking incident with her youngest son when he was just nine months old.

She said: “When my son choked, I panicked, which is a natural reaction for any parent.

“After that, I wanted to 
go on a baby first aid course but couldn’t find one where you could take your baby
 with you and I was breastfeeding at the time. I found this incredibly frustrating and decided to do something about it.”

Susan has teamed up with Mothercare at Elliot’s Field to deliver her classes, which cover choking, dealing with burns and bumps and meningitis awareness.

Natasha Grant, store manager at Mothercare in Rugby, added: “Susan’s classes make first aid completely accessible to parents of babies and young children.

“It is so essential that classes are available to those who need them. Basic first aid knowledge really can help save lives.”

The next class takes place at Mothercare on Tuesday, November 1 at 10am. Babies are welcome.

To book one of the courses, call Susan on 07484 766501.

Visit to find out more information.