Changes to Rugby bin collections due to strike

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Residents who normally have their bins emptied on a Thursday are being asked to put them out on Saturday instead this week because of the expected strike by members of the Unite trade union.

Any bins that are not collected should be left out for collection during the week commencing Monday 14 July.

The industrial action, which will also involve members of Unison, is being coordinated nationally as part of a nationwide dispute.

Rugby Borough Council is not expecting any other services to be affected by the action.

However, a full list of service changes will be published on the council’s website at

Also some Rugby schools may close on Thursday as teachers plan to protest against “disastrous” changes to the education system.

The National Union of Teachers is taking strike action against policies it regards as harmful to children and staff.

General secretary Christine Blower said: “Many parents and the general public share our concerns on issues as wide-ranging as ‘unqualified teachers’ in classrooms and the excessive testing of primary school children.

“Teacher morale is at a low ebb with many working in excess of 60 hours a week for uncertain pay and worsening pensions and conditions. It is hardly surprising that two in five leave the profession within their first five years, while many other good, experienced teachers are also deciding to go. This is unsustainable.”

The Government insists it is essential to reform the education system in order to compete with those in other countries.

The county council has set up a text message service to notify parents if a particular school closes. To sign up, text SCHCLOSURES, followed by the schools’s registered DfE number and On to 07950 081082 - for example, SCHCLOSURES 0000 On.

To find out the DfE number for a school, either speak to the school or visit

Subscription to the service continues until the end of the academic year so parents and carers will always be kept informed of closures. Subscriptions to the service do expire at the end of the summer term, so users will need to sign up at the start of September each year to continue receiving updates.

Parents can also visit and follow the county council’s dedicated Twitter

Thursday’s strike will also involve other public service unions representing council workers and firefighters. Warwickshire County Council has put plans in place to maintain service levels for those most in need, but minor local disruption may be experienced.

People are advised to check for the latest information.