Charity calendar for Help for Heroes features Rugby models

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GIRLS behind a cheeky calendar are hoping to raise more than £600 for the Help for Heroes charity.

Photographer and model Hollie Pop came up with the idea and said every penny of the £9.99 calendar will be donated.

It has 12 themes, seven female models and two creative photographers, as well as a few vehicles ranging from VW Camper vans to an MX bike to a Fireblade road bike.

Re-touch artist Holly, who works at creative design studio Tattooed Ferret, said: “It is a charity that a lot of people can relate to because they have themselves or know people that have family members, boyfriends, girlfriends that are serving or have served for our country.

“I feel that our country’s real heroes need all the help they can get and deserve a lot of support. It takes a special kind of person to risk their own life for the safety and wellbeing of others, and that shouldn’t go unnoticed.”

Holly, who is from Rugby, said a lot of servicemen and women are unable to continue with normal life when they return from war. She said: “It can be physically, mentally or emotionally life-changing, so we’d like to give them our help and support as much as we can.”

She said five of the models in the calendar are from Rugby and companies have been generous, each sponsoring the months.

Holly said: “All of the models, image finalising and re-touch artist and photographers have all given up their fee for being involved and have done everything for free. We’ve also had use of locations given to us for free, so every penny goes to Help for Heroes.”

She said creating the finished products was fun but stressful.

“We did have a good giggle with all the girls mostly but it did get tough at times,” said Holly.

“It was a challenge getting everyone in the same place at the same time and hoping the weather would be kind. We had to cancel our first shoot because of bad weather. We had super hot weather for a short time in the summer and then it suddenly changed to thunderstorms. I had four models, three Alien Green Focus RS cars two photographers, a lighting tech and location sorted, then it absolutely threw it down!”

The calendars are available to buy from, Eternal Art Tattoo Studio, Drury Lane, and Nightingales Motorcylcles, Lawford Road, Rugby.