Christmas debate: Alice Dyer

MHRA 20-12-11 XMAS feature Dec87''Alice Dyer
MHRA 20-12-11 XMAS feature Dec87''Alice Dyer

IT’S official: I love Christmas.

For as long as I can remember I have always been a huge fan of Christmas and as I’ve got older nothing has really changed. Except for I now feel that I have to justify to people about why, as an adult, I love Christmas so much. And the answer is that I’m not 100 per cent sure. Does there even have to be a reason?

I love Christmas trees (must be real), Christmas songs, parties, shopping, snow, cards, presents and most of all that festive feeling you get in the countdown to the big day.

I guess that I am very fortunate in that I’ve always had wonderful, happy memories of Christmas - without exception.

My earliest memories of Christmas are going on a steam train to meet Father Christmas, which was always the highlight of my year.

We’ve always made a big thing of Christmas in our house - putting the tree up, listening to festive songs and being altogether as a family.

People complain that the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten and perhaps for a lot of people it has. But as a child we would go to church every Christmas and I have been brought up to know what it is all really about. I also don’t just buy needless tat that nobody wants. I love Christmas shopping for my friends and family, and I put a lot of thought and effort into every single gift.

I think that Christmas 2010 was probably the best one yet. It snowed and I got engaged, which has probably fuelled my love of all things festive even more.

So the Christmas shopping is done, presents wrapped and festive parties attended, all with just a few days to go. Come Sunday I will sit with my family, fully realising how lucky I am, and raise a glass to Christmas.