Christmas message from Rev Imogen Nay of St Andrew’s Church in Rugby

Rev Imogen Nay
Rev Imogen Nay

Reverend Imogen Nay, of St Andrew’s Church in Rugby’ has shared a Christmas message with the community.

“The Christmas story has: a pregnant unmarried teenager, a violent dictator, a refugee family and a child born in a barn (not to mention angels, mysterious stars and travelling wise men).

“What a way for God to announce his presence with us in the world!

“What struggles, fear, questions, difficulties and challenges do you put aside this Christmas in order to celebrate?

“The Christ-child waits patiently and quietly at the edge of all our lives, for us to notice him. He sees us as we are, behind the masks, the shows we put on.

“Might you see his face this Christmas? Could yo’Lu kneel down to sit with Him and to remember that the fragile hope that any child brings, is the hope that God wills for us?

“Step aside, make some time, put down the cracker, the turkey, the presents, look for the star, the one that appears when we stop to notice, that speaks deeply to us about who we are and what we do.

“The star that will guide us back to the one true light: Jesus Christ. Holy Jesus,by being born one of us, and lying humbly in a manger, you show us how much God loves the world.

“Let the light of your love always shine in our hearts, until we reach our home in heaven, and see you on your throne of glory.


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