Churchover hall packed for wind farm debate

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The community around Churchover and Cotesbach welcomed a full village hall to debate the McAlpine/RES wind farm proposal.

Lorne Smith, ASWAR coordinator, thanked Leigh Hunt and Philip Morris-Jones, their elected Borough and County Councillors for their support, as well as James Delingpole, fresh from BBC’s Any Questions programme, who gave the meeting a preview of ‘the diabolically expensive’ way the government will attempt to keep the lights on when the wind does not blow, given in his ‘Mail on Sunday’ article.

Dr Chris Down, the professional local planning consultant, noted that four out of five reasons used by the Rugby planning Committee to reject the SSE wind turbines apply to the new four turbine proposal, while the accumulation of other wind farms, that have recently appeared across the nearby landscape, strengthen the reason for rejection.