Classic mystery drama at Rugby Theatre

Phil Reynolds, Nathan Dowling and Roy Healey
Phil Reynolds, Nathan Dowling and Roy Healey

Two Rugby Theatre actors know they are stepping in to very large shoes when they take to the stage this week for its production of the hit thriller Sleuth.

The award-winning Anthony Shaffer play, which opens at the Henry Street theatre on Saturday, was made into a film in the early 1970s starring the great Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine.

At Rugby, Phil Reynolds and Roy Healey play the main parts in this bold new production, and they are joined by Charles Chagrin as Inspector Doppler, with cameo roles being provided by Lee Bunting and Howard Scott Walker.

Director Nathan Dowling said: “Phil plays the Olivier role while Roy takes on the part made famous in the 1972 film by Michael Caine.

“They are really big, meaty parts –and I know both of them are really going to shine. They really bring the characters to life.

“The stage play isn’t exactly the same as the film. In many ways it works better on stage – it’s a brilliantly-written piece, full of tension, suspense and surprises.”

This is Nathan’s first time directing at Rugby Theatre, though he has appeared on stage there to wide acclaim as Freddie Trumper in Chess in 2009, and as Jonathan Harker in Dracula.

Sleuth runs from Monday April 14 to Saturday April 19.

Tickets start at £11 from the box office on (01788) 541234 or