Clock Towers Rugby increases car park charges but promises upgrades

Clock Towers has increased its parking charges
Clock Towers has increased its parking charges

The Clock Towers shopping centre has increased its parking charges and plans to bring improvements to its service over the next few months.

The management team carried out a full review of the car park facilities and decided to scrap the one-hour parking option.

Customers will now pay £3 for two to five hours parking, an significant increase from the previous charge of £1.20.

Improvements will be rolled out over the next few months and these include contactless payment, and credit/debit card payments.

The new charges are as follows:

> 0 – 2 hours £1.00 (0-1 was 50p and 1-2 was 80p)

> 2 – 5 hours £3.00 (was £1.20)

> 5 – 10 hours £5.00 (was £3.50)

> Over 10 hours £10.00 (was £6.00)

> Sundays and Bank Holiday All day £1.00 (was free)

Clock Towers is the town’s most secure car park. It provides undercover parking with CCTV, security and the doors are locked between 7pm and 7am daily. The car park has also received the Park Mark award for another two years for the quality and security of its facilities.

Robin Swift, Centre Manager at Clock Towers shopping centre, said: “A review of our car parking facilities and charges, has been long overdue but I’d like to reassure people, on behalf of the centre, that we haven’t made these changes lightly.

“Based on research, we strongly believe these changes will benefit our shoppers and the wider Rugby community and that our parking facilities are still the best in town. Having said that, we will be upgrading our facilities throughout the year to offer an even better service.”

As well as amending the parking tariffs, the car park has been repainted and the parking facilities will also see a full overhaul soon – with a new payment system.

The current chip coin system will still be in operation but in the coming months, shoppers and visitors will be able to pay with debit or credit cards and also through contactless payments – the only large car park in the centre to be offering these services.

In addition to its hourly tariffs, Clock Towers offers monthly and quarterly permits for those wanting to park in the centre all day, every day, for work. These permits are the cheapest available in the town at £50 per month or £120 per quarter – from as little as £1.85 per day. There are a limited number of permits available, applicants simply need to contact the centre management office.

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