Commuters trying to avoid Rugby station parking fees cause chaos for Technology Drive residents

Residents discussed their concerns with Rugby MP Mark Pawsey
Residents discussed their concerns with Rugby MP Mark Pawsey

Concerned residents are urging people to stop parking on their road in order to avoid fees at Rugby train station before a serious accident occurs.

Commuters have been parking on both sides of the road along Technology Drive, near Rugby College, which significantly narrows the road.

An increasing number of cars are parking on the residential street as it is free and only requires a short walk to the railway station.

Worried neighbours have contacted Rugby’s MP Mark Pawsey in a bid to put a stop to the problem. Mr Pawsey has written to Warwickshire County Council and urged officials to introduce parking restrictions on the road ‘before a serious accident occurs’. But the road still belongs to housing developer St Modwen Homes. Mr Pawsey also contacted Virgin Trains to discuss better parking facilities for commuters. It currently costs £6 to park at the Virgin car park for a day.

Mr Pawsey said: “We need to recognise that this has become a very dangerous situation for residents, commuters and students at Warwickshire College’s Rugby site.”

Alastair Mcleod, who has lived at Technology Drive for around 18 months, said the situation was an accident waiting to happen.

“I’ve nearly had a crash because I can’t see what’s coming when I turn right out of my driveway due to all the parked cars,” he said,

“The situation is getting worse and it is chaotic for the people that live here. St Modwen own the road so they could paint double yellow lines to stop people parking but it would be the county council that would need to enforce fines and send traffic wardens round. It’s a difficult situation but it’s becoming more and more dangerous.”

Brownsover’s Labour councillors are also campaigning to stop the dangerous parking and have set up a petition. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the councillors said: “We are asking for action to be taken as a matter of urgency - some sensible parking restrictions so that other users of the road can use it safely would be a start.”