Complete lights your way to a better home with new display

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WHILE others are turning the lights off at night Complete Estate Agents in Rugby is turning them on.

The corner of Church Street and Albert Street is looking at lot brighter in the mornings and evenings.

This is down to Complete Estate Agents having just refitted their brand new window display to some state of the art LED ‘light pockets’.

Luke Bayliss, who works at Complete, said: “You may already be aware of the hot topic about lights being turned off at night so we decided to turn ours on and brighten this corner of Rugby.

“We have been designing and working on this new display for some time now and are really excited that they are finally in.

“We are the first and only estate agent in Rugby to have them fitted which puts us at the forefront for marketing and just shows why we win local marketing awards.”

He said the new display is modern and state of the art, giving customers the opportunity to see what’s on offer whenever they like.

“It gives amazing visibility to all our clients 24 hours a day,” added Luke.

“We have had some fantastic feedback already from both Buyers and vendors alike.”

Luke added: “If you are thinking of selling or struggling to sell with your current agent why not give us a call to advertise your property in the best possible light?”

Complete Estate Agent is at 18, Church Street, Rugby,