Concern for elderly on ‘dangerous’ Rugby path

Residents have been told the work will be carried out in April next year
Residents have been told the work will be carried out in April next year

Neighbours are appalled at the state the county council has left their street – and have been told it won’t be repaired until April.

Warwickshire County Council had arranged to make improvements to the footpath in Wise Grove, Hillmorton, on September 29 and dropped off a pile of rubble in the street.

But when resident Sam Gibson emailed the council asking for an update on the work, she was told it wouldn’t be completed until April next year ‘due to a shortfall in the budget’.

Sam, who lives with her partner and 18-year-old son, was shocked to hear the path wasn’t being improved sooner.

“I’m really worried about someone falling and hurting themselves as it’s so uneven,” she said.

“I slipped on some ice on my driveway in January and dislocated my leg and fractured three bones in my ankle.

“It’s still healing and I’m really nervous about falling over on the path and doing any more damage.

“I always hold my partner’s arm when walking over it just in case,” she said.

Work was due to start after neighbouring streets, including Fleet Crescent, had been completed.

But due to financial issues, residents were told their street’s improvements would be taken from next year’s budget.

Sam, 42, said the majority of residents in Wise Grove were elderly, with some being in their 90s.

“I’m worried that the elderly people in the street will slip and fall because there’s loose rubble every ten or 15 yards along – it’s dangerous,” she added.

“How are elderly people supposed to get out and about when the path at the end of their driveway is uneven and hazardous?”

“I’m absolutely appalled that our street is allowed to be left in the current state it is in for the next six months, particularly now winter is approaching.”

Heather Mitchell, 60, who lives in Wise Grove, said the situation was outrageous.

“The path has been left in an awful state and I think it’s appalling that nothing is being done about it sooner,” she said.

“I actually walk in the middle of the road now and avoid the path because there’s loose stones everywhere and I’m concerned about tripping over.

“Residents want to know how and why the council ran out of money, and we need a firm date for when it’s going to be sorted out,” she added.

A Warwickshire County Council spokesman confirmed the work had been rescheduled for next year.

“We don’t have the money for the Wise Grove path in the current financial year but it is part of the work programme for the next financial year.

“But if any money becomes available in the meantime then we will look into doing the work.”