Concerned resident says litter in New Bilton is ‘appalling’

Mr Brown said people are 'chucking litter on the floor'
Mr Brown said people are 'chucking litter on the floor'

A concerned resident has spoken out about the ‘appalling’ level of litter near his home in New Bilton.

John Brown, former chairman of the Save Oakfield committee, said he had collected litter from the path near Bridget Street and Roundstreet on more than ten occasions.

Mr Brown said the ground was covered in crisp packets, broken glass, carrier bags and dog mess.

“It is absolutely appalling and it looks terrible,” Mr Brown said.

“I was walking my friend’s dog last week and I was really worried about the broken glass. It can do a lot of damage to animals and owners will be left with a hefty vet’s bill as a result,” he said.

“The council has gone and spent a fortune on the new hi-tech bins in the town centre but it feels like New Bilton is being left behind.

“People are just chucking litter on the floor and it is unacceptable.”

Mr Brown added: “If there were more bins and they were easy to see then perhaps people would take more notice of them and put their rubbish away rather than just throwing it down on the ground.”

Cllr Lisa Parker, Rugby Borough Council portfolio holder for the environment, said there had only been one report of litter in the area.

“All of the litter bins in New Bilton are emptied every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“We also do a monthly litter pick, plus an additional litter pick and sweep in the busiest areas including the alleyways.

“We haven’t got any records of overflowing bins in this area, or of requests for more bins. We have had just one report of litter in this alleyway this year, in March, which we responded to straight away.”

Cllr Parker added: “Although we try very hard to keep our communities clean and tidy, we would prefer it if the mindless individuals who do not take their litter home would change their behaviour and had some pride in where they lived.”