Confusion over warning sign at Clock Towers Shopping Centre car park in Rugby

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THE manager of Clock Towers Shopping Centre has assured its car park customers they’ve nothing to fear from stark warnings on display throughout the car park – so long as they don’t break any rules.

But when Advertiser reader Peter Whitington spotted the signs, which belong to Ampco Parking Solutions, it was enough to put him off parking there completely for fear of being fined. The blunt warning reads: “You must stay on site at all times while your vehicle remains in the car park”.

Mr Whitington, of Ruskin Close, said: “Last Saturday, I entered the Clock Towers car park with the intention to stay for about one hour to visit Rugby town centre.

“As I parked on the forth floor I saw a new notice attached to the railing - in fact several were attached on the railing between the lifts telling me that whilst my car was in the car park, I could not leave the shopping centre, and should I do so then a parking charge of £90 would be levied with the penalties described on the notice.”

He added: “My reaction to seeing them was to pay my 50 pence and leave the car park forthwith to find alternative parking from which I could proceed to visit all the shops that I wish to visit, not just those in the Clock Towers mall.”

Thankfully though, the centre manager has explained the warning only applies to people who don’t park in a legitimate space.

Tony Spencer, centre manager, said: “This is a common part of car park policy generally and it only applies to people who don’t leave their car in a proper space. People who use the car park and shop elsewhere have nothing to fear, as long as they only use disabled bays if they hold a valid permit and don’t leave their car anywhere that’s not a parking bay.”

“We have had problems in the past that involved disabled spaces and loading bays elsewhere on site. If vehicles are dumped in the wrong place and the driver wonders off it can cause all sorts of problems to businesses and shoppers.”