Coton Park Christmas tree hit by vandals

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People in Coton Park have been left heartbroken after vandals destroyed eight trees and their lights on Monday.

Witnesses spotted a group of youths running from the community’s main Christmas tree at 6.30pm.

Jill Simpson-Vince, chair of Coton Park Residents’ Association, said everyone is keen to find the culprits.

She said: “The teenagers were spotted running away from the Coton Park Community Christmas Tree, on the Coton Park Drive/Stonechat Road roundabout.

“They vandalised it by pulling the lights out and damaging the wiring.

“This year the tree also features decorations done by the children of Coton Park and it is a real shame that we are now trying to fix the lights when all the children are coming out to see the tree and spot their decorations.”

She said another seven trees were destroyed in an area of Coton Park nicknamed the Stone Circles around the same time.

“This is a really good community and the children look forward to all the activities that Coton Park Residents’ Association run throughout December,” added Jill.

“The tree being lit up is the first of these and for it to be damaged is heartbreaking.

“Hopefully the Coton Park children will enjoy the Christmas Party on Sunday, the carol service on December 14 and the Santa tour on December 22.”

Police have been informed.