Coton Park in Ruby is a UK first for neighbourhood plan

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THE Coton Park estate is one of the first in the country to develop a ‘neighbourhood plan’ – part of the a flagship Government’s policy.

It means residents will agree a formal plan to shape the development of their estate in terms of future housing development and the number of school places, parks and other amenities. Coton Park Residents Association has received £20,000 funding towards the project, which aims to shift powers from Whitehall to local authorities and residents.

Jill Simpson-Vince, vice chair of the residents association, said: “We’ve been busy asking the people who live in Coton Park what they’d like to see included in the plan and so far we’ve had a good response. People’s main concerns seem to be the effects of further development, school places, the amount of parks in the area and how further development will effect traffic flow through the estate.

“Consultation is a vital part of the process so we want as many people to get in touch as possible.”

Rugby Borough Council is also involved in the project, and applied to the Department of Communities and Local Government on the residents association’s behalf.

Mark Pawsey MP said: “This places local people in the forefront of this change and I am proud to stand up in Parliament, and in articles I write for national magazines, to support the fact that here in my constituency we have a neighbourhood that has bought into this idea.

“I would like to pay tribute to Jill Simpson-Vince and the Residents Association for the leadership they are showing in this innovative new process. Her enthusiasm, ability and desire to see this come to fruition has been a real example to all other communities looking to adopt a Neighbourhood Plan.”

Those involved estimate the plan will take two years to complete. Anyone wanting to find out more can contact the association by emailing