Council closes recycling centre after fly-tipping problems at Tesco in Leicester Road

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RUGBY Borough Council has closed the recycling centre at Tesco in Rugby after discussions with the store failed to lead to an agreement on dealing with repeated contamination and fly-tipping at the site.

The council said that it has had to send three vehicles per day to deal with the problem. The first collection vehicle collected materials still suitable for recycling, the second collected material from containers that had been contaminated and a third collected the large volumes of fly tipping surrounding the containers.

Having failed to agree a new location for the site it will instead be closed.

The council said that 1.5 tonnes of dumped waste were collected from the site between Christmas and New Year alone.

Sean Lawson, Rugby Borough Council’s Head of Environmental Services, said: “It is disappointing that this facility has been repeatedly misused, to the point where we have to remove it.

“We have tried to resolve this issue but we have now run out of options. Alternative recycling facilities are available elsewhere in town, and also at the Hunter’s Lane Waste Recycling Centre, and I would ask residents to use these facilities instead.”

The introduction of the highly successful three-bin recycling and refuse service across the borough in 2009 has led to a gradual decline in use of the recycling centres generally, as residents are able to make use of doorstep collections instead.

However, some recycling centres have seen an increase in misuse and abuse of the facilities. This has included significant amounts of criminal and anti-social behaviours particularly around the illegal dumping of wastes and fly-tipping.

A number of recycling sites have and continue to have ongoing enforcement activity on them in order to catch offenders. Any members of the public that witness waste materials or fly tipping on these sites should report them to the Council.

Residents can report fly-tipping by calling (01788) 533335.

A list of recycling ‘bring sites’ and the materials that can be recycled can be found at