Council creates £60,000 parking scheme amid safety concerns but Newbold businesses not happy

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A £60,000 parking scheme designed to improve safety and reduce speed in Newbold is now complete - but not everyone is happy with it.

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) has recently finished its redesign of the parking outside the shopping precinct in Main Street, Newbold.

The new parking measures have seen a barrier being built between the shops and the road, dedicated in and out routes, as well as spaces that have been marked out.

The changes were made after a number of residents complained about speeding and bad parking in the area.

However business owners along the precinct are not happy with the changes.

Diana Nicolaou, owner of Larry’s Chippin, said: “It’s a total waste of money. Every single customer that comes in the shop says ‘what the hell have they done that for?’ It’s ridiculous.

“The barrier means that lorries can’t get in or out very easily. We can’t get our delivery lorries in so they are parking out the front and blocking the car park. There’s been no thought at all.”

Diana believes that the changes have made the parking situation worse rather than improving it.

She said: “People are blocking the main road and can’t get into the car park. It’s hindered the parking not helped it. I’d like to see them remove it completely. It will be even worse in the summer when it gets really busy.

“I phoned them [the council] up and sent then an email but they don’t want to know. They need to come down and see it. It’s no good having a nice plan down on paper when in principal it’s not working.”

Caroline Nicalaou, owner of Aphrodite Beauty and Spa, is also concerned by the changes.

Caroline said: “It’s horrendous. All our clients have complained and makes it so much more difficult for clients to pop in for quick treatments.

“People have been blocking the ‘keep clear’ section and the in and out route is bound to cause an accident at some point. People are queuing onto the main road.”

Helen Walton, Warwickshire county council for Newbold, said the parking system was created for the good of the community.

Cllr Walton said: “We weren’t told at any point they were having larger delivery vehicles.

“It’s been designed to make it safer and tidy up the parking area outside the shopping precinct. We had a petition for safety which a lot of residents had signed. Residents came to us with the form. They wanted to see a reduction in speed and we did what we thought was best.”

“This is for the safety of pedestrians and I think it’s created extra parking spaces.

“If anyone would like to discuss any concerns with me then get in touch and I can discuss it with the county council.”