Council’s five paths to happiness for Warwickshire

Cllr Bob Stevens is concerned about our mental wellbeing
Cllr Bob Stevens is concerned about our mental wellbeing

People in Rugby are being encouraged to act and think in ways that will make them happier.

Over the next five weeks Public Health Warwickshire is asking the county’s residents to consider their wellbeing and to commit to doing something positive.

According to Public Health Warwickshire, there are five things that anyone can do to feel better. Whether it’s getting out and about, doing a good deed or learning to do something new, the county’s residents are being asked to think about their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them.

Dr John Linnane, the county’s director of public health, said: “People who have a positive experience of their life usually feel happy, content, enjoy things, are interested in their surroundings and people and feel engaged or connected.

“Feeling positive about relationships, feeling in control of your life and having a sense of purpose will all improve wellbeing.”

Cllr Bob Stevens, the county councillor with special responsibility for health, said: “Our recent survey revealed that while 75 per cent of people reported their overall health as good, the responses for mental wellbeing were a lot more mixed.

“For example, almost one in five people said they never or rarely felt relaxed. Meanwhile more than 10 per cent respondents said they never or rarely felt close to other people.”

The five weeks focussing on the Five Ways to Wellbeing in Warwickshire will build up to this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week which starts on May 12. The focus for this week is ‘Be Active’. This can include dancing, walking, running, cycling, gardening, or any physical activity. Next week, people are encouraged to ‘Take Notice’ – to stop and look at the surroundings, or comment on them, and “savour the moment”.

In the week of April 21, people are asked to ‘Connect’, which could involve putting a neighbour’s bin out or helping a school friend. Rugbeians are asked to ‘Give’ - which could just involve smiling at a someone - in the week of April 28, and to ‘Keep Learning’ in the week of May 5.

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