Council tenants in Newbold invited to Rugby Borough Council staff on an estate inspection

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RUGBY Borough Council (RBC) wants to work with people to find out how to improve the quality of neighbourhoods in the town.

One of the ways in which RBC is doing this is by arranging a series of estate walkabouts.

The walkabouts will aim to identify issues that are causing particular concern to residents. This can include anything from overgrown gardens to dog fouling, abandoned cars, dumped rubbish and graffiti.

The scheme is designed to give residents a level of ownership whilst also engaging those people who would not ordinarily take part in this activity.

A spokesman said: “Rugby Borough Council acknowledges that people are more likely to take pride in their estate if they are involved and encouraged to keep the area clean and tidy.”

The Newbold estate walkabout will take place tomorrow (Thursday).

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