Couple to retire from Larry’s Chippin in Newbold after 34 years

Larry & Diana Nicolaou will be retiring on Christmas Eve
Larry & Diana Nicolaou will be retiring on Christmas Eve

A dedicated couple will be retiring from their beloved chip shop on Christmas Eve after 34 years of service.

Larry and Diana Nicolaou have worked tirelessly to make Larry’s Chippin, in Main Street, Newbold a big success.

The business has meant the couple, who married in 1982 - a year after taking over the shop - have made friends for life and met people from various backgrounds over the years.

The couple said they were ready to take some time for themselves but it would be emotional to say goodbye to their chip shop and their customers.

Larry said: “Christmas Eve will be our last day and we know it will be heartbreaking for us to say goodbye.

“It feels like only yesterday that Diana and I moved into Newbold Chippy in October 1981.

“As the years have gone by, children that we knew then are parents with children of their own now.

“We have always lived in the village and know most people by name.”

Larry added: “We have given our life to the chippy but now feel it is time to enjoy a few years for ourselves.”

The couple said: “In the 34 years that we have been here, there as been many happy times, such as customers showing off their newborns, but also sad times, such as losing many, many dear customers, including a few youngsters, which has truly saddened us.”

Larry and Diana added: “We are going to miss the chats and gossips with our customers.

“So, goodbye and we wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

Larry and Diana’s daughter, Kristal, has worked in the chip shop alongside her parents for 15 years and knows the regulars’ orders well. Her sister, Caroline, runs Aphrodite Beauty and Spa in Main Street, Newbold, near to the family’s business.