Couple warn others over £1k dog scam

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A BROWNSOVER couple have been duped out of £1,000 after paying cash upfront for a puppy that doesn’t exist.

Lindsey Pearmain and Mathew Walton are warning people not to make the same mistake after seeing an advert for a Siberian husky saying it was free to a good home.

“It was in a free advertising magazine and made it look like the puppy was in Northampton,” said Lindsey.

“We were then told the man had to relocate to Aberdeen because his wife had kidney failure.”

Through emails, the ‘seller’ recommended a company to transport the puppy to the couple’s home in Whernside.

“They said we would need to pay £200 for their services to get the puppy we wanted down to Rugby, so we paid £221 to a bank to someone called Victoria in Cameroon.”

The company then asked for another £780 to pay for papers and the couple ended up £1,030 out of pocket before the company stopped replying to Lindsey’s emails.

“They have done this to thousands of people who have put comments online,” said Lindsey.

“I’ve had sleepless nights over this. I spent all my wages and have had to borrow money.”

The couple said their 20-month-old son Corey also was excited about the new arrival.

Lindsey said: “When Corey saw the picture of the puppy he started smiling and clapping his hands.”

She added: “We’re heartbroken. I don’t want anyone to go through this.”