Cremated remains found in Cawston

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THE remains of two cremated bodies dating back 2,000 years have been unearthed in Cawston.

They were found by archaeologists digging at land on Calvestone Road, which is set to have 129 houses built on it by Redrow Homes.

Project officer Vasileios Tsamis, of Cotswold Archaeology, said until now only rocks and slate objects had been discovered.

He said the uncovering of bone fragments and other evidence of two cremation burials believed to date from the Iron Age was a ‘major find’.

The bodies were not intact as they were laying in sand which does not preserve bone well, but Mr Tsamis said it was a significant find.

He said a lot of the land is sandy ground in which organic material doesn’t survive.

The team are unsure exactly what they will find next.

Remains will be removed from the site for testing alongside the other objects recovered by the archaeology team.

The discovery has created a buzz in Cawston and local schools are keen to visit the site.