Crime up around Rugby

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Crime in Rugby rose slightly in June.

Figures published last week show there were 371 crimes reported, compared with 354 in May and 359 in June 2012. It is the highest monthly figure since November 2011.

A total of 161 reports of crime concerned antisocial behaviour. Violent and sexual offences accounted for 40 of the crimes, while there were 38 reports of shoplifting.

In addition, there were 20 incidents of criminal damage and arson and 18 thefts of bicycles.

The area with the highest number of crimes reported was “on or near Drury Lane” in the town centre, where there were 23 incidents – 15 of which were shoplifting and two of which were violent or sexual offences.

The monthly statistics, published on the website, also include the outcome of reports of crime. The figures relate to outcomes reached in June for crimes recorded between January 2012 and June 2013.

Of a total of 302 outcomes reached in June, 131 were classed as “no further action at this time”. Some 118 were described as “under investigation”, while 17 suspects were charged and 12 resulted in a “local resolution”.

One criminal was sent to crown court, and none was given a prison sentence.

The figures, which cover an area measured as within a mile of the town centre, do not include outcomes for incidents of antisocial behaviour.

Of the estates surrounding the town, Brownsover had the most crimes, with 69 reported in June – up from 45 in May and 51 in June 2012. A total of 35 incidents were classed as antisocial behaviour and there were 22 burglaries.

There were 43 crimes recorded in Hillmorton, including 13 classed as antisocial behaviour and ten burglaries.