90-year-old woman ran from her house screaming after Rugby man broke in, punched her and exposed himself

A 90-year-old woman was terrified when a man who had broken into her Rugby home in the middle of the night shook her awake and exposed himself to her.

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 9:33 am
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And a judge has ordered a report to be prepared to assess the danger posed by intruder David Bale, who had also flashed at another woman after ringing her doorbell in the early hours.

Bale (27) of Lytham Road, Overslade, Rugby, had denied a charge of trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence, two charges of exposure, and two of common assault.

But on the second day of his trial at Warwick Crown Court his barrister Andrew Wilkins asked for all five charges to be put to him again – and he changed his pleas to guilty.

Prosecutor Richard McConaghy said that in May a 90-year-old woman was asleep at her home in Rugby when she was woken by the cover being pulled back and someone tapping her arm.

She looked up and saw a man dressed in black who exposed himself, ‘colloquially, if you like, flashing at her,’ said Mr McConaghy, and told her: “Look at my c**k”

Mr McConaghy told the jury: “She was terrified. She told him how old she was, and she got out of bed and tried to get past him and away.

“He chased her into the hallway where he punched her to the head and she fell against a radiator.

"He kept saying to her ‘Look at my c**k,’ and he was in a position as if he was exposing himself to her – but she was not going to look.”

Having hit her, Bale went into her living room, and the pensioner managed to get her front door open and fled into the street in her nightclothes, screaming for help.

As one of her neighbours rushed outside and another looked out of his window, a man came from the side of her house pushing a mountain bike, went up to her and again told her: “Look at my c**k.”

As she continued to shout for help, Bale told her to calm down, grabbed her and shook her and slapped her face, then walked away after turning to the neighbour and saying ‘She’s crazy.’

Having made off, Bale returned pushing his bike, which had a broken chain, a few minutes later, pretending he had heard a noise and had come to help, before walking off down an alleyway.

The police were contacted, and an officer on his way there saw a man pushing a bike in the Overslade area, so stopped to speak to him – but Bale escaped down an alley, dropping his phone as he did so.

It was around that time that a woman living nearby had been woken by someone ringing her doorbell at 4.45 in the morning.

When she opened her window and asked the man outside what he wanted at that time of day, he said his name was David and that he lived in Overslade, and asked to be let in.

She refused, and when he then told her he wanted ‘p***y,’ she saw he was exposing himself and holding his erect penis.

“She told him what she thought of him and that she was going to call the police, and he left,” said Mr McConaghy, who pointed out that her adult grandson, who was also there, saw the man pushing a bike – and later identified him as Bale.

When an officer went to Bale’s home, he saw a mountain bike in the back garden with a broken chain, and he was arrested later that day.

Mr McConaghy pointed out the officer had not gone there by accident – but because there had been a number of incidents of him exposing himself to women passing his home the previous month.

And about an hour before he had broken into the 90-year-old’s home, an ambulance had attended a call-out from Bale saying he had fallen off his bike, which had a broken chain.

After Bale had entered his guilty pleas, Judge Anthony Potter agreed to a request by Mr Wilkins to adjourn for a pre-sentence report to be prepared on him.

But he stressed: “I also want it to assess the danger he poses, because it’s one thing to expose yourself to someone in public, it’s another thing to break into someone’s home to do it.”

He said the 90-year-old ‘presented as a remarkably resilient lady,’ but that he also wanted a statement on the impact the disturbing incident had had on her.

Remanding Bale in custody, Judge Potter told him: “As I know you will have been told by Mr Wilkins, it’s going to be a prison sentence, but the report will help me as to the length of the sentence.”

90-year-old woman ran from her house screaming after Rugby man broke in, punched her and exposed himself