BREAKING NEWS: Life sentences for Jason Bissell murderers

The fishing lake in Stretton Under Fosse where Jason Bissell's body was found.
The fishing lake in Stretton Under Fosse where Jason Bissell's body was found.

THE two people found guilty of murdering Jason Bissell have both been given life sentences today (Monday).

Joanne Dawn Griffiths, 41, of Bridgeacre Gardens, Binley, and Peter Andrew Hood, 43, of Vernon’s Lane, Nuneaton have today (Monday) at Birmingham Crown Court been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 39 year old Jason Stephen Bissell from the Coombe Fields area of Coventry.

Griffiths will serve a minimum of 28 years after the judge, the Hon Mr Justice Globe QC, found there were no mitigating factors.

Hood will serve a minimum of 24 years. The judge explained that the starting point for sentencing due to the various aggravating factors of the case was 30 years, but as a result of the assistance Hood provided to the Crown Prosecution Service that sentence was reduced to 24 years.

The aggravating factors included taking a weapon to the scene, planning and premeditation, the mental or physical suffering that Jason would have gone through in the minutes before his death, and the treatment of his body.

During sentencing, the Hon Mr Justice Globe QC said there was a selfish and wicked motivation involved in the execution of the crime and in his view the murder was done for gain.

During the trial last month the jury heard that Mr Bissell was repeatedly struck about the head with a hammer and he was thrown into a fishing lake called Lanny’s Lagoon at Stretton Under Fosse near Rugby.

His body was found a few days later in October last year.

Both Griffiths and Hood were found guilty of his murder.