Burglar climbs through window of Rugby home to steal laptop

police tape
police tape

A burglar climbed through a window and stole a laptop from a house in Rugby.

As part of Operation Citadel, Warwickshire Police are warning that people need to take steps to prevent burglars getting into the house during the summer months when people are outside in the garden.

George Stepney, crime reduction manager for Warwickshire Police, said: “Always lock your doors if you go outside, even for a few moments, and close downstairs windows if you are not staying in the same room.

“In Rugby recently there was an incident where the burglar managed to climb through a downstairs toilet window which had been left open. They stole a laptop and then let themselves out using the key, which had been left in the lock to open the door.

“It is important to make sure that your house is secure at all times, and that means whether you are inside, or when you go outside in the garden.”

As part of Operation Citadel, the continuing campaign by Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police, to reduce burglary in people’s homes, police are keen for householders to adopt simple crime prevention measures which can greatly reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Mr Stepney said: “Unfortunately burglars are always on the look-out for a chance to get inside and steal your property. An open window, or an unlocked door is an open invitation for them.

“If you are in the garden, or have nipped next door to see the neighbours a burglar can be in and out of your house in a couple of minutes, taking your treasured things with you.

“Even if you move from one room into another, and you have left the window open, your property is vulnerable. You may think that a window is small and that no one can fit through it, but they may be able to reach through and open a larger window. Or they may just reach through and steal whatever is within reach. “

“If you are having a barbecue or get together in the garden make sure you lock the door when everything is set up in the garden. With all the noise and distraction that comes with a get-together it is all too easy to forget the door is unlocked, and for someone to slip inside unnoticed.

“As an added security measure It is also worth considering hanging a bell on your front and back door, which rings when the door is opened, like in a shop. This will alert you to someone coming in, if you are in a different room in the house.”

· Operation Citadel - catching criminals who commit burglary in people’s homes is a force priority

· Burglary levels remain low in Warwickshire, but through Operation Citadel police aim to reduce them even more.

· Help the police reduce burglary in your community as part of Operation Citadel. If you see something suspicious, tell the police.

Secure your property using www.immobilise.com/ the UK National Property Register. It’s free and helps police to identify and return stolen items to the rightful owners.