Cash machine warning after concerns raised over skimming devices in Rugby

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RUGBY police are warning members of the public to be extra aware when withdrawing money from automatic cash points following concern that skimming devices had been placed over two machines in town yesterday (Monday).

Sharp eyed customers noticed a change to the appearance of the devices and alerted members of staff, although the devices had already been removed by the time the checks on the machines were made.

Both customers immediately contacted their respective banks and cancelled their cards. No money had been stolen from either account.

In one case the ATM did not return the users card. He reported this to the store where the machine was located, but the device had been removed when staff checked the machine. In another incident at a different store the user believed the cash dispenser had a different appearance than usual.

Police remind people to extra vigilant when using cash dispensers and to immediately report any changes to the appearance of the machine or any unusual behaviour of people near by, to the bank or to the business where the cash machine is located..

Although the majority of automatic cash dispensers are perfectly safe to use members of the public should be aware that card skimmers use a variety of techniques to collect information about people’s bank cards:_

· Fraudsters who “shoulder surf” – they stand close by you in order to see what your cash card PIN number is.

· People who offer to “help” when there is a problem with the machine (the problem usually having been caused by a device placed there by them) and suggest you re-enter your PIN number while they watch.

· On the machine itself fraudsters can place a false front which prevents your cash from being dispensed, the thief then collects it when you walk away from the machine.

· A skimming device is placed over the slot where you place your card, which reads the data on your card, and then retains it.

· A tiny pinhole camera fitted above the key pad enables a fraudster to record your pin number, which is then used with data copied from your car.

In order to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of card fraud at a cash dispenser, consider the following advice:-

· Avoid using a cashpoint if there is anyone hanging around the machine

· Check to make sure there are no suspicious devices attached, or if any part of the machine looks different.

· Always shield your PIN number with your hand when typing it in.

· If your card get jammed or retained report it immediately to your bank. Do not leave the cash point.

· Be aware of your surroundings and make sure others in the queue cannot see over your shoulder as you enter your PIN.

· Never reveal your PIN number to anyone.

. Do not keep your PIN number in your purse of wallet with your bank card.

· Be cautious of strangers offering to help you, or distracting you while you are at the cashpoint

· Regularly check your account to make sure no unexplained withdrawals have taken place.