Eagle-eyed police spot car carrying a pile of stolen catalytic converters near Rugby, three arrests made

The car was displaying two different number plates

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 5:49 pm
Photo: OPU Warwickshire, Facebook.

Three arrests were made yesterday, May 12, after the Warwickshire traffic officers spotted a Skoda Octavia showing two different registration plates.

Officers spotted the car travelling on the M45 and it was then stopped on the M1.

The Skoda turned out to be cloned, with an array of different registration plates also inside the car.

Photo: OPU Warwickshire, Facebook.

The car was also carrying a pile of freshly-stolen catalytic converters and the tools used to cut them out of cars.

All three occupants of the car were promptly arrested.

The arrests come after residents across Warwickshire have been subjected to having catalytic converters stolen from their cars - with Warwickshire Police reporting a rise in the crimes and urging residents to report any suspicious activity.

Toyotas, particularly Prius and Auris models seem to be the main target for thieves, the force warned.

Photo: OPU Warwickshire, Facebook.