Easy life? Think again says prisons minister

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CONVICTED murderer Joe Boyer will not be getting the cushy life in prison that he notoriously boasted about, according to a government minister.

Boyer, 18, who was found guilty and sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in prison last month for murdering Rugby woman Gemma Hayter, bragged in a letter to a friend earlier this year that he would be given instant access to a Playstation and outings to restaurants.

Extracts of his letter, published by the Sun, prompted Rugby MP Mark Pawsey to write to Crispin Blunt MP, the minister for prisons and probation, seeking reassurance about conditions in jail.

Responding to Mr Pawsey, Mr Blunt said: “Prison conditions in England and Wales are decent and humane but they are not comfortable or easy; imprisonment includes very limited access to friends and family, confinement in a cell, frequently shared, with integral sanitation and where prisoners will remain, including to eat their meals when not involved in the regime.”

Mr Blunt said that TVs, games consoles and DVD players are privileges that have to be earned and paid for with prisoner’s own money.

Mr Pawsey said: “I am very pleased with the minister’s response. It is very important that the conditions of our country’s prisons remain a discouragement to potential criminals and it is reassuring to know that the comments made by Boyer are a complete fabrication.”

Boyer, Chantelle Booth and Daniel Newstead were all sentenced to life for Gemma’s murder, while Duncan Edwards and Jessica Lynas were convicted of manslaughter.