LINDSAY ANN HAWKER LATEST: I want her killer to die, says father

Lindsay Hawker
Lindsay Hawker
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THE FATHER of Brandon woman Lindsay Ann Hawker has called for the man on trial for her murder and rape to be sentenced

to death.

William Hawker said he wants the ‘maximum’ sentence available in Japan for the killing of his 22-year-old daughter in 2007.

Ichihashi, 32, suffocated Lindsay and put her naked body in a sand-filled bath on the balcony of his Tokyo flat before fleeing.

Mr Hawker, 58, told the Chiba District Court in Tokya that he seeks ‘death’ for the defendant,

He said “no” after Ichihashi’s lawyer asked him if the family wanted life in prison, which is the maximum sentence in their home country, where the death penalty has been abolished.

Ichihashi evaded police for more than two years and drastically altered his appearance with surgery he performed himself.

At the opening of the trial, Ichihashi said: “I did not intend to kill her, but I am responsible for her death.

“I am very sorry for what I did.”

In his testimony, Ichihashi said he had an encounter with Miss Hawker a few days before attacking her, telling the court: “Because she resembled a Caucasian woman with whom I had become acquainted, I went after her and talked to her.

”I followed her to her residence because I wanted to take private English lessons from her. I was thinking that I wanted to establish an intimate relationship with her. I gave in to the temptation.”

William and Julia Hawker arrived in Japan on July 3 with Lindsay’s sisters to attend Ichihashi’s trial.

He published a book in January about his life on the run, which lasted about two-years and seven-months until his arrest in November, 2009.

In explaining the circumstances of Lindsay death, Ichihashi said: “She stopped moving and I thought she had given up on escaping. But then I found she was not breathing.

He added: “I wished it had been a dream.’‘

Lindsay’s mother Julia, 54, also went out for the trial with Lindsay’s sisters on July 3.

She shed tears as she told the judges, “He (Ichihashi) took my daughter away, and I cannot understand why.”

The trial verdict is expected on July 21.