Man jailed after handing himself in for ram-raid on Rugby shop

Warwickshire Magistrates Court at the Warwickshire Justice Centre Leamington
Warwickshire Magistrates Court at the Warwickshire Justice Centre Leamington

A man who took part in a ram-raid at a Rugby cycle shop decided he could not live with the constant worry that sooner or later he would get a knock on the door from the police.

So Rocky Fawkner walked into a police station to hand himself in – knowing it could mean his return to prison for the next five years because he was on licence at the time.

Fawkner (21) of Ashorne Close, Coventry, was jailed for two years and four months at Warwick Crown Court after pleading guilty to two burglaries, an attempted burglary, and being carried in a stolen car.

Prosecutor Mike Conry said that on June 23 a Daihatsu 4x4 was stolen from a farm in Lentons Lane, near Exhall, and used to carry out three commercial burglaries the same night.

Fawkner and two others first drove to Rugby where they kicked in the door of the Motorstore premises in Railway Terrace and smashed a window in their attempt to break in.

But they were disturbed before they managed to get in, and ran off and jumped back into the car.

They made their way to Hillmorton Road, Rugby, where they drove the car into the front of the Paddox Cycles shop, causing £10,000 worth of damage, before rushing inside.

But the ram-raiders got just a small amount of cash before getting back into the car and speeding away.

Then, at just after midnight, the now-damaged 4x4 was driven into the roller shutters of Shilton Garage at Shilton, near Bulkington, causing extensive damage which cost £2,000 to repair.

But all they got was a battery charger before the police turned up – and his two accomplices sped away.

Fawkner was left behind, still inside the premises, but the officers did not find him, and he managed to get away – only to walk into a police station 10 days later to hand himself in.

He said he had not been involved in taking the 4x4 from the farm, but had then been invited to go along with the other two to carry out the burglaries.

Mr Conry added that in April 2014, for a robbery in which he had stabbed a shopkeeper in the back and shoulder, Fawkner had been jailed for four years, followed by a five-year extension to the time he had to spend on licence.

And as result of his confession to the burglaries, he has been recalled to prison to continue serving that sentence, from which he now has a provisional release date in November 2022.

Jasvir Mann, defending, observed: “If he had not walked into the police station, no-one would have been any the wiser about his involvement.

“But he could not live with it hanging over his head. His belief was that, sooner or later, the police would discover that he’d been involved.

“It shows the dawning maturity of someone who knows he’s done wrong and wants to get it sorted out now, rather than having it hanging over his head.”

Jailing Fawkner for 28 months, which will not add to the time he remains in prison, Judge Carmel Wall told him: “You committed all of these offences overnight on the 23rd of June while you were on licence from a sentence for robbery.

“But you voluntarily attended at the police station and made full admissions.

“You did that knowing you were likely to be recalled, and that that would have a substantial impact on you. I accept that demonstrates genuine remorse on your part.”

And Judge Wall added: “The effect of my sentence is that you would have served half of it, but I suspect that, because of your recall, you will be staying in custody for substantially longer.”