Man jailed after 'vicious' attack on Rugby man who was walking home from a school parents' evening

Richard Slack.
Richard Slack.

A Rugby man was attacked in the street as he made his way home from a school parents’ evening, leaving him with his shoulder broken in two places and unable to work.

And at Warwick Crown Court his attacker Richard Slack was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Slack (27) of Cambridge Street, was given a concurrent seven-day sentence for an offence of possessing cannabis with intent to supply it, which he had also admitted.

Prosecutor Andrew Wilkins said that in June 2017 David Long was making his way home along Bath Street, Rugby, after attending a school parents’ evening when he came across Slack in an alleyway.

There was some sort of discussion between them, and Mr Long does not remember much more apart from being grabbed by the throat.

But a man who lived nearby had been looking out of his window and saw Mr Long being pushed to the floor by Slack who then began stamping and kicking him to his head and body.

Although he was only in his underwear, the man was so concerned that he ran outside shouting at him to stop, and eventually Slack did so and made off.

When he was later arrested Slack denied being involved, claiming it was a case of mistaken identity.

The attack had left Mr Long needing surgery to his right shoulder, which was broken in two places, and he suffered infections, as a result of which he spent a total of more than three months in hospital.

It has left him with ‘real difficulty’ moving his arm, and he has been unable to work since the attack because of the pain, he said in a statement read to the court.

Mr Wilkins said that in March last year the police went to Slack’s home to speak to his mother about another matter, and became aware of drugs in the house.

They went into the loft where they found a bag containing ten one-ounce bags of cannabis, which Slack admitted having partly for his own use and partly for social supply to friends.

Mr Wilkins added that Slack had a number of previous convictions, including three for violence and several for drugs.

Graeme Simpson, defending, said: “Whilst I am not in any way trivialising this poor man’s injury, we have to consider it in the light of injuries we see which cover the whole range from a cut or a fractured nose all the way up to something just short of death.”

And he pointed out that there had been ‘a significant delay’ in the case being dealt with.

Jailing Slack, Recorder Kenneth Carr told him: “This was an unprovoked attack on Mr Long when he had just been to a parents’ evening.

“It was a vicious attack, and I am satisfied that having knocked him to the ground, you either kicked or stamped on him. He has had a deeply, deeply unhappy time as a result of your vicious assault.

“I have no doubt in my mind that gratuitous violence of this nature can only be met by an immediate sentence of imprisonment.”