National crime picture not reflected in Warwickshire

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A RISE in the number or muggings, knife crimes and robberies reported nationally has not been mirrored in Warwickshire.

British Crime Survey figures last week showed the biggest rise in muggings and violence against victims for more than ten years, with knife crime up by a tenth in the 12 months leading up to last September. 2011

In Warwickshire there has only been a rise in robbery and violence against the person and robbery in the past year, with robbery up from 276 to 336 incidents a year and violence against the person incidents rising from 2,751 to 2,884.

However levels are still significantly below the 2008 figures. County-wide, domestic burglary continues to fall – having dropped from 3,653 incidents in 2009 to 3,080 incidents in the year up to last September.

Crime levels in Rugby have remained static since Warwickshire Police’s new policing model came into effect in May, according to Warwickshire Police crime map figures. The shake-up, in response to the Government’s Spending Review, saw control taken away from Rugby Borough and centralised at Warwickshire Police headquarters. Apart from small rises in robbery and violent crime in the summer, the number of crimes is the same.