Police cuts latest

THE real impact of the police cuts in Warwickshire will not be known until at least the end of the month.

Details of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), upon which future levels of budget for police services will in part be based, were released on Monday.

Warwickshire Police receives money from the Government (determined by the CSR) and from local council taxpayers.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Parker, said: “The information will, when analysed, provide us with additional detail to understand the amount of money we will have in future years to deliver protection.

“We have already identified the need to save £13.4m over the next four years, in addition to any further reduction determined by the CSR. It will be a few weeks before all the detail is examined to determine what it means for the day to day running of the force and our medium term financial planning.”

He said all members of the workforce are keen to know what impact it will have on service delivery for the public and themselves.

“As soon as we have a good understanding of the position we will be providing further information,” added Mr Parker.

“This will be in late December or early January.”

He added: “We know that we will have to deliver the maximum protection possible from less resources in the future and we know that there will be fewer officers and staff in the years ahead than we currently have. We are working hard to ensure all services and facilities are as efficient and effective as possible and the change programme, agreed by the Authority last month, is delivered as quickly as possible.”

Ian Francis, Chair of Warwickshire Police Authority said: “The Police Authority is working hard to ensure that Warwickshire Police continues to deliver the most effective service to the public within the resources provided to it.

“The force is currently performing very well, while managing a major programme of change and planning for the future. The impact of the CSR announcement will be discussed by the authority at its meeting on Friday and more fully in January as part of the budget setting process for 2011/12.