Police rush out of training session near Rugby to recover two stolen caravans just down the road

They made their excuses to the trainers and put their training to good use

Friday, 11th June 2021, 4:42 pm

Police put their training to good use when they stopped a seminar in midflow to recover some stolen caravans just down the road near Rugby.

The officers from the Rural Crime Team (RCT) were just sitting down to a Warwickshire Police training seminar on Tuesday morning, when they received information that a stolen caravan was believed to be in the Ryton-On-Dunsmore area.

"We quickly made our excuses to the trainers and headed over to the location," said a spokesperson for the RCT.

Police recovered these two stolen caravans just down the road near Ryton.
Police recovered these two stolen caravans just down the road near Ryton.

Officers found a stolen Elddis caravan and a second Lunar caravan also confirmed stolen from the same storage facility as the first.

Both caravans had been stolen earlier that day.

The spokesperson added: "We checked two other caravans while there, one of the vans was found to be all in order but the second was found to have multiple different identity markings. "e seized this third van for further investigation and enquires.

"Unfortunately during the same initial break-in and theft another caravan was stolen and is still outstanding. A fourth caravan was also attempted to be taken.

"We totally understand that your caravans are more than just high value items. They hold and create life long memories and experiences for their owners, as a result its always very rewarding for us to be able to return them back to the rightful owners.

"Anti theft devices like hitch locks, wheel clamps and ground anchors are great for making it less desirable to thieves but GPS trackers offer a significantly higher chance of us recovering them and apprehending offenders.

"Most caravan manufacturers offer these devise as an option at point of purchase. Third party suppliers are also available with options starting from under £100.

"This still isn't a guarantee so please consider fitting more than one device. Don't install trackers in a location that could be easily found by offenders.

"Ensure you have updates any registration documents in your name so we can make further checks during routine stops."

And as for the training session, they added: "We managed to attend the training seminar the next day."