Police saw masked robber threatening a man in St Peter’s Road with a knife

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A MASKED man carrying a knife threatened a man walking to his car in Rugby.

Officers driving down St Peter’s Road at 8pm on Saturday saw the attempted robbery unfolding.

The owner of the car was threatened as he walked to his car in St Peter’s Road by a man who was wearing a face mask and carrying a knife.

Following a brief struggle the robber forced him into the car demanding money. He was forced to drive to the back of the premises where he was dragged to the passenger seat and tied to the headrest. The robber stated he was going to take the man to a cashpoint for money.

As the officers drove along the road, they saw the silver car drive around the rear of some business premises and followed it to investigate.

As the police pulled up behind the car, a man jumped out of the drivers door and over a nearby wall to escape, leaving the victim in the vehicle.

The robber is believed to have run off towards St Peter’s Church.

The victim was treated at St Cross Hospital for minor injuries to his hands and head.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said: “Officers made an extensive search of the area using the force helicopter in an attempt to trace the robber. “A police dog team was also used to track the route the robber took from the scene. House to house enquiries were conducted in the area and officers are checking CCTV footage.”

Police are appealing for witnesses who can help identify the robber who is described as a black male, wearing an Addidas jacket with three white stripes going up the sleeve.

Any witnesses are please asked to contact DI 0711 Colin Jones in the Local Investigation Team on 01926 415000 or independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.