Police warn of bogus computer scam

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WARWICKSHIRE Police have issued a warning to be aware of a telephone scam which could lead to business and personal computer data being compromised.

A number of reports have been received by the police Crime Desk from members of the public reporting they have been contacted by a computer technical support company, sometimes suggesting they are associated with one of the major computing corporations, and telling the recipient that a fault has been identified on their computer.

The unknown caller advises the recipient to call the technician back on a different telephone number where they are asked to perform a number of “checks”. But by doing so they are giving the bogus caller direct access to all their computer files including personal and financial details stored on the computer.

George Stepney, community protection manager, said: “If someone cold calls you, suggesting there is something wrong with your computer do not be taken in. If you do have a problem with your computer use a recognised technical support company that you make contact with, to sort the problem out.

“It is also important to make sure that your computer system is fully security protected to prevent unwanted access to your systems as some of these bogus companies issue a web address for you to contact, but when you do it gives them access to your computer.”