Police warnings after jewellery stolen during raids across Rugby and Warwickshire

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A LARGE amount of jewellery has been stolen from a home in Rugby.

During the burglary 15 designer watches and a white gold ring with diamond clusters were stolen from Harebell Way in Rugby on Thursday last week at 4.30pm. Two iPads were also stolen.

The homeowners rushed home when they realised their alarm was going off and discovered the back patio door had been smashed.

Police are examining CCTV footage which shows a man and two women entering and leaving the property.

The white male can be seen wearing a red baseball cap and green outer jacket. One of the females has brown hair and the other has light brown hair.

Warwickshire Police are asking owners of gold jewellery to consider depositing their valuables in a safety deposit box at their local bank after burglars continue to target jewellery during break-ins in the area.

George Stepney, Warwickshire Police Community Intervention Manager, said “The price of metal has gone up and that includes gold.

“Unfortunately this attracts thieves looking to sell your valuables for cash.

“Locking your valuables in a safe is not enough to protect them. If you own a lot of jewellery, or have items that are irreplaceable for sentimental reasons, please consider storing any items you do not regularly wear in a safety deposit box at your local bank.

“Prevention is better than cure and we recommend making it as difficult as possible for burglars to get into your back garden where they are less likely to be seen. You can do this by fitting a lock to your side gate, fitting defensive topping strips to your fence or planting prickly plants such as holly and roses where someone might jump over your fence.

“We are also asking the public to look out for your neighbours property by reporting any suspicious activity in your area and to consider joining or setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme with a few neighbours to share information.

Witnessed to the Harebell Way burglary can call Michael Watkins on (01926) 415000 ext 3877 voicemail 10485 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

To join Neighbourhood Watch visit www.mwnwa.org.uk or call (01926) 684385.