Policing priorities for 2012/13 in Warwickshire

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WARWICKSHIRE Police Authority today set the policing priorities for Warwickshire Police for 2012/13.

The authority has asked Chief Constable Andy Parker to catch more burglars and robbers and bring to justice more people who cause the most serious violence in the county.

The force will also focus on reducing serious collisions on the roads and improve levels of satisfaction with the service provided to victims of hate crime. The force is also being asked to increase the number of volunteers who work with the force and support officers and staff in protecting people from harm.

Police Authority Chair Phil Robson said: “Members of the Authority were clear that they want the force to continue to tackle the most serious harms our communities face and also those crimes that are of most concern or which are most likely to occur.

“Levels of burglary within the county have been reduced significantly over the past five years but we want to see a reduction in the number of homes broken into during 2012/13 and more burglars caught and put before the courts.

“We also want to see less road collisions that result in serious injury or death, through targeted patrol, enforcement action and education activity in partnership with other agencies.

“We want fewer victims of serious violence and more of those who cause it arrested and charged. We also want an increased level of satisfaction for victims of hate crime with the service they receive.”

The full list of policing priorities for 2012/13 is:

•Reduce the number of road traffic collisions that result in someone being killed or seriously injured

•Reduce the number of victims of serious violence

•Reduce the number of victims of robbery

•Reduce the number of homes burgled

•Reduce the number of vehicle crimes committed

•Improve the satisfaction for overall experience for victims of hate crime

•Increase the number of volunteers

Warwickshire Deputy Chief Constable Neil Brunton said:

“We welcome the Authority’s continued focus on tackling serious crime and other crimes and road collisions that cause most harm to people.

“Warwickshire Police has achieved significant successes in reducing harm over the past five years but the past eleven months (2011-12) has been particularly challenging.

“We are confident that we can achieve the priorities set by the Authority for 2012-13 as we work with West Mercia Police to deliver high quality, value for money policing services in partnership with them.

“Our workforce knows that our focus is on being more proactive and catching more criminals,” he added.

Looking at the past five years, (Jan-Dec 2006 compared with Jan-Dec 2011), Warwickshire Police has:

•Reduced the number of homes burgled by 18%, down from an average of 7.6 a day to 6.2 per day

•Reduced the number of robberies by 27%, to less than one a day across the county

•Reduced all crime from 124 a day to 93 a day, a 25% reduction

•Reduced vehicle crime by 41%