Ransacked: Rugby couple return from party to find £30,000 worth of valuables have been stolen

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A couple had their Brownsover home ransacked and £30,000 worth of property stolen on Saturday night.

Burglars used a sledge hammer to enter the property and took items including Rolex watches, Tiffany rings, passports and house deeds.

The house is in Langdale Close and was targeted between 11am and 10pm while the owners were out celebrating the woman’s 60th birthday.

“Some of the jewellery had real sentimental value,” said her husband.

“There were two watches - one belonging to my late mother and one to my late father. They are irreplaceable.”

All the items were contained in a safe in the house.

The man, who declined to be named, added: “You think if your property is in a safe it is going to be safe. They picked it up and took it.

“We couldn’t believe it when we came home. Our expensive wines and champagnes were left outside ready to be taken so they would’ve got more if we hadn’t come home. What a lovely way to celebrate my wife’s special birthday.”

He said they felt ‘violated’ by the burglary.

“It makes you sick,” he added.

“We feel violated. They made such a mess of the place, it looked like a bomb site.

“I suppose it’s just a sorry sign of the times.”

He said police told him to leave the mess until the next day.

“The police did what they could at that time of night because no scene of crime investigators could come out of town at that time,” he added, “Unfortunately, it’s all down to cutbacks - it’s a sign of the times that we don’t have these people available.

“They told us to leave the house untouched until the next day. We didn’t like to accept this but we had to do it.”

He is hoping people will help with information that may lead to the recovery of his items or lead to the arrest of those responsible.

The man added: “Don’t think burglars won’t be able to get into your house - they will. If they want to get in your home they will smash their way through anything.”

He is offering a “large” reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprits or recovery of the property.

“I would just ask people to keep eyes open for any of the items,” he said.

“I don’t hold much hope of getting it back but you never know.”

Warwickshire Police spokeswoman Hazel Nicholas said: “The burglar or burglars stole a large quantity of jewellery including Rolex and Cartier watches and a quantity of cash.

“We are appealing for witnesses or anyone who has any information to come forward.”

Witnesses to the burglary or anyone with any information should contact Rugby Police on 101 or (01788) 541111.

The owners who had their house burgled have offered a ‘substantial’ reward for help leading any of their precious lost items. Some of the items include ladies’ 18K yellow gold Rolex Date, white gold sapphire and diamond set Bezel, blue diamond set dial, crystal glass worth £6,500, ladies Cartier Tank watch, diamond set, worth £2,500, Rolex GMT Master 1 worth £4,950 and earrings worth £1,450.