Rugby driver sporting a 'Thieves Beware' sticker attempts to flee from police, gets caught with stolen goods

Rugby Police said a motorist sporting a 'Thieves Beware' sticker made life easy for them when she struck a kerb and popped a tyre as she attempted to flee.

Monday, 25th November 2019, 10:27 am
Updated Monday, 25th November 2019, 10:28 am
Photo: Rugby Police, Facebook.

On Saturday, November 23, Rugby police spotted the blue Hyundai Getz.

Information suggested the car was being driven on false plates and it had been used in a £300 theft days before.

The driver attempted to flee - but she struck a kerb and popped a tyre.

Police found the irony of this sticker amusing. Photo: Rugby Police, Facebook.

A spokesperson for Rugby Police said: "The driver of this Hyundai made life easy for officers today."

Upon searching the car, police discovered stolen property.

They also confirmed that the car was on false plates and the genuine car had no insurance, MOT or tax.

The spokesperson for Rugby Police added: "The female said the suspected stolen property was nothing to do with her and was obviously hoping we wouldn't check for any CCTV footage.

"Checks revealed the female was wanted so she was arrested and taken to custody.

"A quick trip over the border to Coventry and sure enough the CCTV footage showed the female was responsible for stealing the items.

"£200 worth of stock returned to the rightful owner."

Referring to a sticker in the back window of the car - which warns thieves to beware, police said: "We found the sticker in her rear window quite amusing too."