Rugby man who stole alcohol from supermarket given another chance

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A man who stole bottles of alcohol from a supermarket while he was subject to a suspended prison sentence has been given another chance after spending three months inside on remand.

Ashley Parke appeared at Warwick Crown Court after he had pleaded guilty to two charges of theft and also admitted being in breach of his suspended sentence.

Parke (34) of Meadow Road, Rugby, was jailed for two weeks for the shoplifting offences, and the period of his suspended sentence was increased from 12 to 18 months.

Prosecutor Catherine Ravenscroft said that on March 10 Parke went into the Sainsbury’s store in Rugby and left with a bottle of alcohol without paying for it – and did the same thing again two days later.

She explained that the thefts were not dealt with in the magistrates court because Parke was subject to a suspended sentence imposed at the crown court in January for a burglary.

Miss Ravenscroft added that Parke had been remanded in custody since his arrest for the thefts.

Simon Hunka, defending, said: “In January the mitigation was that he was essentially homeless, but he does have the support of his mother, and she doesn’t think prison is a place that can help him.

“Your Honour having passed a suspended sentence, it is difficult to put forward the argument that it would be unjust to impose it.

“But the rehabilitation requirement had not really got going, and he found himself needing alcohol again."

Mr Hunka pointed out that the time Parke had spent on remand was the equivalent of a six-month sentence.

Judge Sylvia de Bertodano commented: “He would be better off going back on the programme.”

And she told Parke: “You have just spent three months in prison, let’s try to see you don’t spend any more time there.”