Seven career criminals in Warwickshire dodge prison despite more than 75 offences

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There were seven career criminals in Warwickshire, who dodged prison last year despite having more than 75 previous offences, figures show.

This includes thieves and public order offenders.

The Magistrates Association called on the Government to give courts greater flexibility with repeat offenders, including allowing greater control over rehabilitation orders.

Ministry of Justice figures show the number of people with previous convictions successfully prosecuted by Warwickshire Police. In the 12 months to September 2018, 16 criminals with more than 75 previous offences each were convicted, but seven of those received no immediate prison sentence.

The most common punishment, after immediate custody, was an alternative order, such as a confiscation order or disqualification from driving. One person was given an absolute discharge, meaning no punishment is given.

The Magistrates Association said: “Previous offending history is only one factor taken into consideration.”

Across England and Wales, the figure was 1,500.