The terrible parking job on this car at Elliott's Field was the least of the driver's worries when police began to make enquiries

A Nissan at Elliott's Field caught the attention of Rugby Police when they suspected it was on false plates.

Friday, 27th December 2019, 12:08 pm
Photo: Rugby Police, Facebook.

Officers stopped the black Nissan Juke on the retail park because they suspected it was a cloned car.

They searched three occupants and then confirmed that the car was being driven on false plates.

Although not stolen, the driver had been using false plates to hide the fact he did not have any insurance.

The driver was reported to court for driving without a licence and without insurance.

One passenger was released while another was given a £90 fine for possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Police then seized the car.

Facebook users responding to Rugby Police's post noted the driver's questionable parking job, with one joking that the driver should have been arrested for that alone.