Three homes around Rugby targeted by burglars

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Suspected burglars targeted three homes around Rugby yesterday (Wednesday).

Some time before 1pm someone got into a the rear lobby of a house in Coventry Road, Brinklow, possibly through an insecure door.

They did not get into the main part of the house and nothing is believed to have been stolen.

At 3am yesterday morning, three men were seen as they were trying to get into a house in Coventry Road, Wolvey.

The resident of the house then discovered damage to a window frame at the point where the men were seen. They failed to get into the house and again, nothing was stolen.

Early yesterday afternoon the resident of a home in Cosford, Rugby, was looking out of an upstairs window and saw a man get out of a black car, leaving another man in the vehicle.

The man then picked up a brick and looked up at the window where the resident was standing.

Realising he’d been seen, he ran away.

Later in the day the same black vehicle, possibly a Corsa, drove slowly past the house and the driver watched the resident go in to the house.

Police are reminding people to remain vigilant and to keep a look out for anything unusual.

Any suspicious activity can be reported to police on 101.