Trucker Andy helps catch illegal immigrants

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A LORRY driver helped catch four suspected illegal immigrants who were hiding in the back of a vehicle in Crick on Tuesday morning.

Andy Simmonds was driving towards the M1 from the Eddie Stobart depot at DIRFT when he was flagged down by a Polish man at around 5am.

“He was standing by his lorry and waving at me to stop,” said Andy, who lives in Hillmorton.

“I slowed down and instantly knew something was up.”

Andy stopped his lorry and went to the aid of the other driver.

“He opened the back door of his lorry and four illegal immigrants pushed their way out,” he said.

“I called the police who arrived in about ten minutes.”

He said the perishable items in the Polish man’s lorry had been damaged.

“They would’ve come through France and could have been hiding for 48 hours,” Andy added.

Simon Ballinger, Midlands Press Officer for the UK Border Agency, said: “Four suspected illegal immigrants were arrested by police in Crick on Tuesday.

“All are Eritrean nationals and will be transferred to UK Border Agency detention pending their removal from the country.”

Mr Ballinger added; “We work closely with the police to tackle illegal immigration. Where an individual is found to have no legal right to remain in the UK we will take action to remove them.”