Two arrests made in connection with skimming cash machines in Rugby

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OFFICERS have tracked down two people in connection with tampering with cash machines in Rugby.

Over the past month several ATM machines in the town centre and Newbold have been tampered with resulting in people having their cards stolen and fraudulently used, and also people having dispensed money stolen from the machines.

Enquires were made using Rugby First’s CCTV cameras and a car registration number for a vehicle possible belonging to an offender.

A PNC marker was placed on this vehicle and it was stopped the next day in Leicester. A search of the car found ATM skimming equipment and associated ATM fraud equipment.

A spokesman for Rugby Town North Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “Two people were arrested from the car and one was found to be on licence from prison and has been returned to prison to serve the rest of his sentence until 2015. The second person has been detained and investigations are on going with reference to ATM fraud offences.”