Crimestoppers relaunched in Warwickshire

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Marcia Shakespeare, the mother of murdered 17-year-old Letisha Shakespeare, spoke in Rugby of the vital work of the charity Crimestoppers last week.

Warwickshire Crimestoppers re-launched at the start of this year and is now appealing for volunteers to sit on its committee to help boost calls, raise funds and bolster the organisation’s profile.

Marcia’s daughter Letisha was caught in cross-fire during a gang-related shooting in Birmingham in 2003 in a case that shocked the UK.

Marcia told guests at Crimestoppers’ Midlands Conference: “Without Crimestoppers a key witness wouldn’t have been able to come forward for fear of their own life.

“All it took was one person brave enough to call to Crimestoppers anonymously, and that lead to convictions and ultimately me finding some closure on losing my daughter.”

“My message for volunteers, and anyone thinking of volunteering for Crimestoppers, is that your actions do make a difference.”

To volunteer for Crimestoppers Warwickshire, please fill out a volunteer form at crime